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Each year we all make New Year’s resolutions only to fail as we approach March. By that time, the goals we have set for ourselves to become better have gone out of the window. As we make resolutions year after year, we have not hit our goals each and every time. Failing to make it can be frustrating and we may end out quest to become better. So, what’s wrong? For generations people tend to put pressure and stress on life to the point we give up. For years, we fail to realize that resolutions are a huge failure and never worked. The failed attempts to become better should have been a sign for us all along. It is not just putting our mind into things, but we need to take a look at our lifestyle. It is in the optimization of our lifestyle that we can seen permanent change.

We need to start by knowing what we learned from our parents and school are incompleted. It is best to unlearn we have learned and learn new things for the better. Before anything else, we need to understand our situation. Once you understand your situation you will be able to address the lifestyle changes and optimize them to the point you are able to hit your goals to become healthier, wealthier, and happier. A lot of us get into things not knowing what will happen. That is why they fail. Change comes when we realize what needs to be change and how to get to the goal. The transformation will always lead us to a better life where we are healthier, wealthier, and happier. We cannot do it unless we become a changed person. We transform lives when we are able to perform better and we can do thing by achieving a lot.

When we optimize our lifestyle, we generally think about our health. The number one resolution people make is all about how they can improve their health. People tend to make resolutions that will make them stop smoking or lose weight. Of course, these can have an impact to the health. Yet, we fail on these resolutions. Many people try to transform themselves entirely, which is wrong. We never got fat overnight, it took time to get there. Everything that we want to remove in our lives took some time. That is why, when we want to get rid of things we need to realize there is a process too. It is an illusion to think the end of a negative impact to health can be done in a snap.

When looking to try out lifestyle optimization, you need to have a coach. As such, you need to redefine everything to make sense of everything.

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